Meet our Coaches

"Coach Leslie"
Leslie is originally from Sonoma California. She joined the military in1994 where she met and married husband Jon in 1998. Soon after marrying, the couple was stationed in Japan for 4 years. 
While stationed at Yokota AFB Japan, Leslie and Jon not only ran in many foot races but were President and Treasurer of the Yokota Striders Running Club.  This included hosting a "Runners Magazine Japan Top 10" Marathon/10k/5k for 3 consecutive years grossing over $100k and hosting over 7k runners per year. This race allowed the running club to donate and outfit the base schools with their yearly needs for sports equipment, scholarships and numerous other base organizations.  While she wasn't hosting or competing in races around Japan, Leslie engrossed herself in the Japanese culture and taught English at Tachikawa Joshi Koko (Girls High School). 

Fast forward through years of military moves, endurance racing, adventure racing, road and mountain bike racing, both short and long distance triathlons, and many hours behind a corporate accounting desk, Leslie found herself unsatisfied in her fitness and career endeavors. Long hours of training with no real excitement until the day of the race. Enter CrossFit! She was looking for something different and found just what she was after. 

CrossFit OldTown and Coach Jerry Hill in 2006 was the start of her relationship with CrossFit. She trained under Jerry (1st Place Masters division CrossFit Games 2014) for 3+ years and she competed at various venues in the DC area. Leslie wasn't deterred from CrossFit when she and Jon decided to have a child. If fact she continued to CrossFit up until 9 days before giving birth. In 2009, the military moved her family once again. This time to Arkansas where there was only one CrossFit in the state (CFNWA). Thus the garage became the training grounds for their daily WOD's.  She and Jon quickly became the "crazy CrossFit couple" and had numerous requests to train friends and family. It became obvious the path Leslie was to follow as Jon continued his service at Little Rock Air Force Base. After much prayer and pouring over finances they found the perfect location. Only to be followed by many more long hours preparing an old auto body shop into a different kind of "body shop". On Memorial Day 2010, Leslie, Jon and 10 of her garage athletes had their first WOD in their new location, Sherwood CrossFit. 

What makes Sherwood CrossFit different than other gyms?
We're not here to make you the the best at any one thing, we're here to help you attain and maintain a fitness level that will last a lifetime! We want you to be a part of the family for life, not as a fad! Our vision is to see you, your children and your childrens' children live a long, healthy and injury free life! We take our programming and training seriously and will not allow for egotistic minds to take over in the training session. We want you to be stronger, fitter, faster but without injury. We are always striving to make ourselves better coaches by continuing our education and developing our skills to able to help in more ways than just fitness. We are here to be your cheerleader, your accountability partner, your nutrition consultant and your mobility guru. We take pride in being accessible and accepting of all walks of life and all fitness levels. Whether a fire breather that wants to take it to the "next level" or the person that wants to hide in the corner. You need not worry about how you view yourself, we don't have mirrors, scales nor measuring tapes.  But we do have open arms. Try it, if you don't like it, you can't say you didn't try:-)!

Why CrossFit?
No brainer; Constantly Varied = Fun, Functional Movement = Daily Movement, High Intensity = Challenge! 
The constantly varied portion of CrossFit is what makes it the most exciting to me. You may have a day where the workout lasts 5 minutes, but the intensity (anaerobic) that goes into that 5 minutes can elicit a greater metabolic benefit than a 50 minute aerobic workout. The next day you may have a strength day working the skill of functional movement, keeping a low heart rate but building strength which is important to boost the metabolism which promotes health and weight management. Again this session my be 20-40 min, but giving it everything you have will leave you with nothing more to give. And finally another day may be longer with many different exercises allowing the athlete to say aerobic and go for a longer period to maintain cardiovascular strength and endurance. 
My prior training had me sitting on the bike for hour(s) at a time, running many miles at a time, swimming endless laps. There is a place for endurance, but too much of the same thing becomes a speciality. Doing CrossFit, I can go out and run a 5 or 10k race without having to train specifically for it and finish with a respectable time. Likewise if I were to enter a CrossFit Competition, and commit to attending class at least 4 days a week, I will be in good shape to jump into the mix.  Don't get me wrong, if I want to win that 5K or CF competition, I'm going to have to put in some extra training time. Regardless, CrossFit will make you a stronger, fitter, healthier person all around.    

What is your favorite Workout?
I'd say either FGB, or Filthy Fifty

What is your least favorite workout?
I'd have to say Fran.  I always feel like crying halfway through! Yep, call me a baby (but only after you complete it in under 5 minutes-- :-) )!

Where do you see yourself is 1 yr, 5 yrs?
Our short term goals are to complete our plans to build out a section that will be dedicated to small group training ie kids, foundations, seniors, yoga, mobility, etc. As well, we anticipate starting an after school program in 2015. 
Long term goals include adding to our 400m trail run to a full 5k trail. Hosting 1 or more competitions and continuing to develop strong relations in the Sherwood/Jacksonville/Little Rock Air Force Base area. We will continue to help the communities to grow not only in the fitness arena, but in educating our young folks how to care for themselves which leads to greater success in life overall.  I also will continue to develop my coaches and assist them in achieving their goals. 

Accomplishments include but are not limited to:
CrossFit Level
Certified CFL1
CrossFit Level 2 
Certified CFL2
Coaches Prep Course
Kids CrossFit Certified
Gymnastics CrossFit 
Mobility CrossFit 
Rowing CrossFit 
Olympic Weight Lifting CrossFit 
Get RX Jump Rope Seminar
Mount Fuji 5K race 1999, 2000
100 minutes of Carp (Mt Bike Race) - 1st place female
Redman 1/2 Ironman 4:06 
DC Marathon 2007 - 3:42 - Qualified for Boston
BS is Accounting & Business Administration UMUC
Senior Accountant - Enterprise Rent A Car 2002-2009

"Coach Chris"

Chris is originally from Woodbridge, Virginia. He has spent the better part of his life involved in some type of athletic endeavor. He graduated with a BBA in Finance (1998) from Notre Dame and a Master's of Organizational Management (2008) from Gonzaga. He played collegiate soccer (1994-96) and earned Midwest Regional All-American honors and holds an NSCAA "C" License in coaching. In addition, he walked on to special teams/wide receivers for the Notre Dame Football program (1996-98). Since 1998, he has served as a pilot for the USAF and Arkansas Air National Guard. Involved in CrossFit for nearly two years, Chris recently became CrossFit Level 1 certified, and he is excited to bring his style to help SWCF athletes achieve their optimal fitness performance.