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Thank you for inquiring about Sherwood CrossFit!

We’re excited you have an interest in joining the community at Sherwood CrossFit. It’s very different than a traditional gym and we believe you will be very surprised at how welcoming it is.

Crossfit is a community where anyone of any ability can participate. You don’t just do CrossFit, you’re a part of it. CrossFit is a fitness program designed around things you do in the real world. CrossFit is personal training but in a group setting to make things more exciting and challenging. We borrow exercises from many areas such as weightlifting, gymnastics, rowing, track and field, and then we mix it up so your body is always adapting, getting stronger, faster and better conditioned.

When you think of a “gym” you probably conjure up rows of machines and cardio equipment with loads of mirrors on walls and tv’s to pass the time. Workouts are comprised of structured sets on a series of machines. You get a "membership" card, a brief walkaround and then left to fend for yourself. A few months go by, the novelty wears off as well as the meager results initially gained. If these gyms aren’t intimidating from the training point of view you’re more than likely turned off by the staff who have no real interest in real fitness nor your long term health and wellness.

What does Sherwood CrossFit have to offer?
What you get with CrossFit coaching is fitness instruction by certified and experienced trainers, teaching you about real fitness. Putting you on a stationary bicycle or a leg press machine and making you go hard is not fitness, nor is it an effective form of training. You pay us for our knowledge and advice, and for us to be there for you along your journey in health and wellness.

Is CrossFit suitable for everyone?
CrossFit is suitable for any level of experience; from Olympic athlete to your average out of shape person. One is seeking functional dominance while the other is looking for functional competence. By functional we mean to be able to do any of lifes’ physical challenges no matter what’s thrown at you.

We don’t use machines, nor have any mirrors or tv’s to distract you. What we do have is workouts which are constantly varied functional movement, executed at high intensity, that teach you strength, stamina, flexibility, endurance, power, speed, balance, agility, coordination and accuracy. All scaled to suit your ability. CrossFit isn’t just another workout. CrossFit is a community of people who value true fitness taught by real trainers who care.

Please NOTE: We're open during class times only. Classes are based on a 1hr structured fitness training program. Please be on time as to not disrupt classes.  

Phone: (501)420-FIT1 (3481)
Facebook: Sherwood CrossFit at Facebook

Sherwood CrossFit
15517 Hwy 107 
Sherwood, AR 72120

Conveniently located in Gravel Ridge right on Highway 107, which is now part of Sherwood City Limits. See map below for more details.

We are just 2 miles south of the back gate of LRAFB, 1.7 miles north of Brockington Drive and 5 miles from 67/167 Main St Exit.

Sherwood CrossFit